Sunday, June 3, 2007

Last night, more drama, getting things done and Virgin Mobile

Last night I went downstairs to wait for someone from freecycle to come and get some heavy duty cardboard, set of drawers (two sets brand new still in plastic). I noticed a state police car (SPC) out front with it's lights going. As I got closer I noticed another and then another. I went outside to take a look and they were blocking the street directly in front of my apartment. I went down the drive and looked beyond the pool and there was yet another SPC just after our back driveway!
One neighbor reported that her daughter heard someone yelling, "Watch out he's got a gun!"
Another neighbor went over to the SPC near the back driveway and asked what was going on. The officer said he couldn't talk about it and to watch the 10pm news. As my neighbor walked away, he thought the officer muttered, "Just remember not to run away from the police." Another neighbor saw several males (men or boys I don't know) sitting on the curb down by the Suffolk Downs barn area (their car had been pulled over) and there was one or two police cars there.
At the time we had no idea what all this meant (only that there was a body on the MBTA Blue Line tracks).
This morning we learned that a car had been pulled over (most likely the one my neighbor saw by Suffolk Downs), one of the occupants had run, there had been a foot chase involving local and state police and that the man had shot himself.
Two years ago there was a stabbing death on the other side of my building at the Lion's Den. Then there was a woman's body found on Revere Beach...the world is a crazy place - at least it feels like my corner of it is.

If that's not enough drama, one of the workers at the cat shelter I volunteer at either quit or was let go this week after a (verbal) fight with the woman who runs the shelter. I have no clue what will happen, as the other worker and I can't do all the work ourselves (I'm not physically able to and the other worker is only paid for 5 hours and ends up working 7 every Tuesday and Thursday. She also comes in every day to feed the sicker or pickier cats too with cat food she brings - she isn't paid to do this, just very dedicated to her "kids"). On top of that one of the other workers who only works 1 day a week has called and said she won't be in on Monday! She does this quite often. I have no idea what will happen to the shelter. The woman who runs it said she was down to the last $1300 and with little money coming in she would make the decision in June whether to close the shelter. I asked about the cats, and she told me she'd have to have them all euthanized if the shelter closed.

This morning I was possessed to clear away more clutter. YEAH! Feels good to get stuff done. I had to do something until it was time to go to BJ's to get Joe's glasses fixed (vision center opens either 11 or 12) and more water.
First I attacked the storage drawers near my old computer (which Fred has yet to make available via an a-b switch (or however). I've got it down to two (three drawers each) from 4! I then attacked the closet where guests coats are supposed to go. I had three boxes in there. Two of them now have addresses and will be on their way on Monday! Also on Monday I'll be dropping off my medical records from my old dr. On tap for this week sometime is getting the "Heart of the Rosary" pattern up on the blog.

Last October (October 28th, 2006) I bought a phone online at VMUSA for my son to replace the one he lost!! I was charged on November 1st for two phones and two phones came! I only ordered one. I called VM back then and was told they'd send out return labels and a return authorization number. I put the box with all it's stuff in the coat closet. I haven't touched the closet since, except to throw various stuff in there. Not a good idea. This morning I called VM again and was told to pack it all up with a note about what had happened and that I was sent and charged for two phones and that I wanted a credit for the second phone. This is all done and one of the two packages ready to mail.

The other package is a sweater I hand crocheted for my husband from the Jacob's Sweater pattern by Peter Franzi. Hubby never wore it, so I asked my daughter if her hubby would. I think it might be waaay too big for him, so I've added a note that if it is, could he please find someone it would fit that would like to have it. Obviously hubby did not appreciate it.

Enough for now. Time for a shower and getting ready to go:
1. BJ's
2. AC Moore's
3. Stop and Shop

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