Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Jean Leinhauser brought up an interesting topic. What to call a group of crocheters...
She suggested:
A cluster of crocheters?
A skein of crocheters?
A shell of crocheters?
I'm going to keep track of this...I like making lists of things anyway, so why not!

Barb (Busha) suggested:
A clutch of crocheters

Perry suggested:
A knot of crocheters.
A frog of crocheters.
A harem of hookers. :)

Elaine in Pensacola suggested:
A cluck of crocheters

PattiJo suggested:
A bundle of croakers
She explains it: "...the "bundle" part refers
to balls or skeins of yarn...and Crokers? a combo of Crocheters and

Marti suggested:
How about a WIP of crocheters! After all, we are all WIP's, aren't we? (smile!)

Arianna suggested:
Happy Hookers

Kathie added her 2 cents:
A Chain-gang! ha ha ha
Ok seriously, how about a stitch of crocheters.

Linda came up with:
"Hook and Crook or Croch" "Crochet Magic Circle"

Jenny came up with:
A stash of crocheters

Or based on my great experience of CP

A counsel of crocheters

Or on a more retail base

A walmart of crocheters

A chain gang?

A loop of crocheters
A turn of...
A bobble of
A swatch of

oh this is fun and i haven't even had coffee yet!

A delight of...
A creation of...

Okay I have to stop and do some work now, I really do!

Laura came up with this::
a crush of crocheters

According to Roget's Thesaurus, "crush" is synonymous with gaggle, flock, herd, etc.

Pinka thought this was a good one:
CAS of crocheters

CAS = Crocheter Acquisition Syndrom

because we all know that each of us has a case of YAS,
TAS, PAS, HAS or whatever else has to do with crchet.
:-) :-) Not everyone admits it, but we all know the
truth. :-)

Judy thought this was appropriate:
How about a chain of crocheters? Each link of a chain makes a firm foundation of friends.

PattiJo cracked herself (and me too) with this one:
"A Crush of Cro-Ribbiters"

Ann in Phx had this to offer:
A craft of crocheters?
A croft of crocheters?
A bobble of crocheters?
(I'm partial to "cluster" of crocheters.)

Debbie offered:
A hook of crocheters

Narelle in Australia offered:
A company of crocheters

Pattianne came up with:
My own...
a flock of fiber nuts
a tangle of hookr's
a Skein of Hookr's

With Thesaurus assist by looking up 'group'~

crew of crocheteer's
coterie of crocheteer's (I like)

notice that one of the synonyms is "chain" didn't know it was one but appropriate for us

"group" accumulation, aggregation, assemblage, assembly, association, assortment, band, batch, battery, bevy, body, bunch, bundle, cartel, category, chain, circle, class, clique, clot, club, clump, cluster, clutch, collection, combination, combine, company, conglomerate, congregation, coterie, covey, crew, crowd, faction, fit-out, formation, gang, gathering, grade, league, lot, mess, organization, pack, parcel, party, passel, platoon, pool, set, shooting match, society, sort, suite, syndicate, troop, trust

My daughter Eva and I came up with:
A murder of crocheter's (as in a murder of crows) - they would all dress in black, crochet with black yarn and thread and watch alfred hitchcock movies.

Helen suggested:

Dee came up with:
Intergalactic Loopers (Mission: to bring Respect to Crochet)
The Million Musket-crocheers (all for one & one for all!)
The Million Stitch Marchers (to celebrate National Crochet Month:
Captain Boye and Susan Mates (Aye!)
Thread Ticklers and Yarn Yodelers

Connie seconded this:
"knot of crocheters"

Janie offered:
a hookery

While Chris (in Western NY) added:
a rocker-y hookery

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