Friday, May 11, 2007

catching up on yesterday, planning today

I ate a bagel, not toasted, nor slathered with cc, just plain old, as is bagel. Next time it will be toasted! yesterday add 303 to 620 for 923 total before dinner. Dinner was a "chef's salad" with about 3 oz of turkey and ham (crap, I should have bought a smoked turkey instead - giving up pork!!), 1/4 oz cheddar, on a bed of romaine, iceberg salad mix (dole), cukes, red and green peppers, and red onions. I dressed mine out with 2 tbsp of Newman's Own (NO) light lime vinaigrette. WOW...another great hit. I did treat myself to a roll with a tad of butter, so that added 204. Don't know about the dinner meal, but I'm sure I was ok on the calorie count.
Roll with butter (I need to get these rolls out of the house), 204
Joe left his oatmeal raisin cookies on the couch, but at 230 cal each, I'm not sure they'd be worth it.
1 C yogurt (nonfat, plain) 100
1/2 soy granola cereal 130
1 C strawberries 46
for a total so far of 480
cool 1320 to go for the day
1800 - I could have almost 8 cookies...that's not much food when you think about it. I could crunch them down in no time flat!!
Today I'll start my 15 minutes of walking.
Have to go eat now...and then some video game play and then housework (I do have PRIORITIES! ) and then a trip to the PO with Carol to get 2 cent stamps. I may also buy some forever stamps as well.

Thursday, May 10, 2007 problems...update on "lifestyle change"

I had some problems yesterday and didn't get back on until late evening when my head was on Pokemon Pearl and finding out if I could trade something for Pokerus, a pokemon virus that is actually good.
Yesterday for lunch I had a good size salad with lettuce, 1/2 green pepper, a tomato, sliced onion, tuna (6 oz - probably too much), 1/2 oz feta and four kalamata olives. I put on Newman's light lime vinaigrette...WOW... Try that out if you like lime...very tasty, clean and fresh taste.
For dinner I had two small chicken tenders (dipped in fat free yogurt and breaded with plain bread crumbs that I added spices to) baked, a small salad (same as lunch, no tuna), and 1/2 C petite peas with pearl onions and corn combined.
Today I'm having a cup of yogurt 22o calories, and a mini babybell light 100 calories. I'm taking along another 2 baby bells and two pieces of fruit for two snacks, one while I'm at work and one while waiting for Joe to get out of school in the afternoon. (total 300 calories for snacks and 620 up to afternoon - leaving me tons to play with for dinner as the doctor requested I try for 1800 calories daily). Is that a lot?? Hmmm maybe I'll add something to breakfast - I won't have time for lunch.
Not sure what dinner will be yet.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Doctor

Last September I had a physical. A couple of weeks later I got the dreaded, "call the office for your lab results" note in my mail. This lets you know something's up which just serves to raise your blood pressure. I put off calling by a week. When I did call the nurse told me my glucohemoglobins (sp) and cholesterol were both "a little elevated". I asked her if I should get fasting bloodwork (FB) done, she responded with something on the order of, "I don't think that's necessary." I thought that in itself was odd since I'd always had to do fasting bloodwork when I got the card in the mail. I told her to check with the doctor and if the doctor didn't want anything done, she wouldn't need to call me back, and if the doctor did want me to come in to have someone call me. She said ok, we said goodbye and hung up.
Months go by and this April I contacted MGH to see why I hadn't heard from them about an appointment with the weight control center (first step to gastric bypass). They never recieved any calls from my primary's office. Hmmmm... So I call the office to see what's up. The secretary told me the girl who handles those calls was out of the office and would call me in about an hour. I checked on my last lab results and she said that although she had no medical background, that she has seen the doctor asking them to come in for FB when they have numbers like mine. Hmmmm...
The woman didn't call back that day at all. A couple of days later she did call and told me I should have come back in for FB and the doctor had wanted me seen every 3 - 6 months. Hmmm... Originally I made arrangements for an appointment with the doctor and was going to go in the following week for FB. I thought about it, called around and found a new doctor. Cancelled the appointment, went down to my former doctor to arrange for copying my records ($15, fill out a form and wait two weeks). I called the morning of my appointment with my new doctor and they weren't done (apparently it was more important for the girl who does the copying to input patient's records into the computer than provide me with my records on time).
I love my new doctor. So far we only did bloodwork, talked about bypass, and a few other things and she told me she'd like me to loose 1 lb by the next time I see her (6 wks). She also wants me to walk 15 minutes a day for a while, upping it by 5 minutes until I get to 30 comfortably. I didn't get a full physical, we're waiting on the bloodwork and my records. The full physical will be in 6wks when we will do the FB. If anything shows up on the bloodwork she'll let me know in the meantime.
Ok, time for brutal honesty, hold onto your hats here comes my weight: I weighed 317.5 lbs. (at home today I weighed 222 lbs). I'm only 5'2" tall (well...if I haven't shrunk since I was last measured). I'll be posting about this whole adventure as I go. I had my appointment yesterday and didn't walk. I'm waiting until after sunset today (it's in the 80's here and I HATE hot weather). Tomorrow I'll have to wait until after sunset again if it's hot (working at the cat shelter during the day). I'll get Fred to take new pics in my swimsuit and have him measure me too. That way if I don't loose weight, but loose inches I'll know and not get discouraged. I'm going to plot out my weight loss and inch loss on graph paper too...I hope seeing the progress will help me. Hey...guess what, I'm hungry. It's 1:19pm, so I should be hungry (after all I did eat around 7am). I'm going to go see what I can get into that isn't horrendously bad for me. I'll post what I eat later.

Mother's Day

With Mother's Day coming up my thoughts turn to being a mom. Motherhood is truly a job. Anyone who thinks it is easy either hasn't got a clue, or has very angelic children. I had the normal kind of children, angelic while sleeping!! I'm the mom of three of the greatest children on Earth and I wouldn't change a thing about my experience as a mom. I love each one of them in different ways: Eva is a very loving and giving person, I worry sometimes that she is too caring and may neglect her own will to make others happy, Shaun is strong and resilient and will always come out on top, and Joe is a very caring person who has a natural ability to get along with animals. We've all had our differences over the years, but I wouldn't change a thing. Every experience we go through makes us who we are, creates us on the fly. It gives us the ability to work through something and find a way to do what we need, as long as we don't let it get us down.
This Mother's Day will be celebrated with only one child still in the nest, the youngest, Joe. It will truly be a celebration because the school district is now aligned to our position that they can't provide for Joseph. They have suggested an out of district placement that I approve of. Should there be no opening for Joe, we can go back and suggest another. This is, as Martha would say, a good thing. This Mother's Day I'll be sighing a sigh of relief, finally getting what we've know for quite a while would be the best for Joe.
I will also be celebrating because I will finally have a grandbaby!! YEAH! I can't wait. Eva will have a lot of help before and after the birth, because his mother and sister (or is it sisters) are hoping to be able to get visas and be here for her. I can't wait to knit and crochet lots of baby stuff for her. I hope she doesn't worry too much about being a mom, I know she'll be a great mom! This Mother's Day I can call Eva in Florida to wish her a Happy Mother's Day!
I'm not sure if Shaun is still in Okinawa, but I'm hoping he is and thinking of him with love. The rift is there, and I'm not sure how to deal with the situation. He must be very proud of having been able to make his life work out the way he wanted. It was his deep desire to be a Marine and he had to get his GED and some college credits (15) before they'd even look at him and he did it. He made it through basic and has gone on to serve in Iraq, and is/was in Okinawa. While in Iraq his best friend was shot in the head and died. He wears a memorial tattoo on his leg to honor his fallen friend. He's already a Corporal. I wish I could hear from him. I'm not sure what his plans are, but this Mother's Day, I'll be praying that he is safe and happy wherever he is.