Thursday, June 7, 2007

Shelter cats

I've fallen in love with so many kitties at the shelter. Let's see, there's Whiney, a big black and white cat who adores me and sets to "whining" the moment he sees me and loves being patted and ruffled and likes to give love nibbles and attack my arm playfully. His brother Bond should come with him since they came in together and he does WANT to be friendly, he's just so scared to be. Then there's Max, who I call Madd Maxx. He's a lovely, huge, long haired buff-colored marmalade (orange tiger) cat with huge double paws up front. He adores me too. His buddy is Buddy and they should go together. Max loves to head butt, and Buddy is getting friendlier every day. He's a shorthaired marmalade cat, tall and rangy. Twinkie is a lovely black short hair and so is Chipper. They are little sweetie girls. We are worried about Alex, who is not eating. Things look very bad for him. This weekend will be the make it or break it time for him. He loves to be held and patted and is still responding to his name. If I stop patting him and put my hand in front of his face he rubs his face on it and butts it. Alex had a home, but I guess they tired of him and kicked him out. He was pretty beaten up by the time someone managed to trap him and bring him to us. He is also FIV. He deserves a break. I held him and loved him up today so he'd know someone cares.
Then of course there's Pippin, I've loved him from the first, a long haired black cat with a tad of white on his face. Tom comes with him, but I'd balk at taking psycho Tom. They live in the hallway between the rooms with Chipper.
Oh, and then in the white room we have so are a few of my favs: Phoebe is a sweet black and white long hair that craves affection. We are worried about her because she is not eating much and she's basically a bag of bones. Then there are two lovely black and whites that crave affection. There's two ferals who are well socialized, Trina and another one. Trina is a dilute calico and the other is a grey cat who was a TNR (trap, neuter and release). The grey allows you to keep patting all day and doesn't like other cats to get affection when he is. Trina takes it for a while and then gets fritzy. There is a very nice looking tiger with a long asian muzzle that will allow me to pat him if he doesn't look at me. Recently he's started to look at me as I pat him. I can't forget to mention Blacky. Now there's another weird kitty. First off he's a black short hair, and his head looks too small for his huge body. He also has a very short tail for his body (no, it doesn't look like he lost any, just never quite grew as long as it should have). He would need someone who can put up with his fritzy behavior and has no other cats. Blacky does NOT play well with others. He's very rough with humans too, although I haven't seen him attack with a vicious attitude, it's more like he's not sure what to do, so he jumps up on you and bites. Joe loves him and found out that if Blacky wants you to keep patting you and you stop, he'll hold you with his paws (yes, the claws are out). Sometimes he gives a good bite to you, to remind you to keep patting him. Poor Simon who just came to us was losing the battle and had to be euthanized over the weekend. He was a very friendly sweet cat. He had a number of medical problems, and I think he just gave up. At least while he was with us he was patted and cuddled.
In the feral room there's the one I call nutzy Fagin, a sweet but fritzy black and white short hair, and Jerry AKA Kong, a white and tiger kitty and Bunny Girl, another little black and white with no tail. Ms Mapps is a dilute calico who just can't stop hissing when you come near, Sally from the alley aka Grey Girl, a long haired grey cat, a buff cat called Butter and yet another dilute calico who's name I don't know. She will sniff my finger, eat food off my finger, and rarely allow me to pat her.
In the Sick Room (Feline Leukemia and FIV kitties) there's Dee Dee's Boy, Todd, Midnight and Ricky (I call him Rikki Tikki Tavi). Shana's devotion to Arlie (very sick little kitty going to have a special treatment on the 13th) has tugged at my heart, and she and Arlie are on my fav list now. Oh...and Tristan...boy he's a headcase for sure, but I do love him. Purely for his looks, his personality stinks, but then we never know what has happened to him in life.
This weekend I'll make up a big pot of chicken livers for my "kids". I cook them in chicken stock and then puree them. The sicker cats find it easier to eat that way, and the well cats don't care how you serve it all up. I'll probably also bring shredded turkey breast and roast beef for the sickest kitties.
It is hard to be there and not bring them all home, but I have limited space, and I'm not all that sure that Princess Paris would allow any other cats to own us.

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