Friday, June 8, 2007

Today, timing is everything...

I used to FLY, but I had some health issues and needless to say was grounded. Well everything piled up everywhere and I'm in the middle trying to sort it all out. Sidetracking is something that happens a lot to me. I'll start off meaning to declutter the living room and I'll pick up something to put away and it's like a magnet and draws me in. Like a magazine; I pick it up to put with the magazines to go over in my free time and an article on the cover will catch my eye. Before I realize it I'm not just reading the article, but going over the magazine cover to cover.
This morning I picked up two Nintendo DS's, mine and my son's. I hadn't played much the day before, and I decided before I put them away I'd just get that daily berry from the Berry Master just outside of Hearthome City (I'm playing Pokemon Pearl). About an hour later I'd gotten the berry, and was leveling up my pokemon prior to getting my eighth gym badge in Sunyshore City sometime later today, reading my email and sipping my water when I read a message from Flylady about laundry. Oh that's what I meant to do today!! I popped off the sofa and went to grab my bag of quarters and couldn't find them. Uh oh! I figured I'd get a little picking up and decluttering done and find the quarters.
Well, I still haven't found them, but in reading more emails from Flylady, I decided to get back to flying (health problems having resolved themselves). I went into the kitchen (since I have to cook dinner later - beef and eggplant chili) and set my microwave timer for 15 minutes and started doing dishes. I did a lot more than I thought I could and then went in the living room to read email and play my video game having set the timer for 40 minutes (gives me time to get up, and go do the necessary down the hall before setting the timer for another 15 minutes of cleaning in the kitchen.
This has happened twice now, and I feel very good about getting it all done. You can do amazing things in just 15 minutes. Before long I'll be Flying with the best of them! I just wish I could find the quarters, I love multitasking. See if I could find the quarters I could have the laundry going while I clean or play!!

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