Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shop Till you drop

Yesterday was fun with my friend. We had a few laughs along the way and went to two Catherines stores, Avenue, Rainbow and out to eat. It is always good to get together with her. I got a really nice blouse and skirt to wear to the crochet dinner/fashion show in July, and a couple of basic tee shirts in one Catherines. The other Catherines had this awesome blouse. The minute I put it on I KNEW I'd be bringing it home. There was woman who went in with a really great pantsuit I'd been admiring in the store, and when she tried it on and came out, WOW! It was made for her, she looked awesome. My friend got a pair of shoes and some loose house dress/muumuu kind of dresses. One of them was quite suitable for an upcoming wedding she's going to. She has several other choices at home. I wonder which she will choose! Good thing I made room in my closet.
This week I hope to get going on my room, the living room is not perfect, but getting there. I need to check on where to get my other friend's mother's wheelchair sold too. It's in my living room kind of in the way. If it were me I'd offer it on freecycle.
I thought for sure with all the walking, standing around and all that I'd be stiff and sore today, but I'm not too bad!!
I'll try and go out swimming today even if it is kinda cold for it (high expected to be: 65 and that's not on the coast like we are)!!!

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