Friday, May 11, 2007

catching up on yesterday, planning today

I ate a bagel, not toasted, nor slathered with cc, just plain old, as is bagel. Next time it will be toasted! yesterday add 303 to 620 for 923 total before dinner. Dinner was a "chef's salad" with about 3 oz of turkey and ham (crap, I should have bought a smoked turkey instead - giving up pork!!), 1/4 oz cheddar, on a bed of romaine, iceberg salad mix (dole), cukes, red and green peppers, and red onions. I dressed mine out with 2 tbsp of Newman's Own (NO) light lime vinaigrette. WOW...another great hit. I did treat myself to a roll with a tad of butter, so that added 204. Don't know about the dinner meal, but I'm sure I was ok on the calorie count.
Roll with butter (I need to get these rolls out of the house), 204
Joe left his oatmeal raisin cookies on the couch, but at 230 cal each, I'm not sure they'd be worth it.
1 C yogurt (nonfat, plain) 100
1/2 soy granola cereal 130
1 C strawberries 46
for a total so far of 480
cool 1320 to go for the day
1800 - I could have almost 8 cookies...that's not much food when you think about it. I could crunch them down in no time flat!!
Today I'll start my 15 minutes of walking.
Have to go eat now...and then some video game play and then housework (I do have PRIORITIES! ) and then a trip to the PO with Carol to get 2 cent stamps. I may also buy some forever stamps as well.

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