Monday, June 25, 2007

New pictures added.

I'll have to get online and write later, just updated the blog by adding some pics of Tariq and Aishah (Eva). I even have the ultrasound of Grandson-to-be, Saad William. Tariq is in charge of giving the children (well, we are hoping for more than one grand from them) their Islamic names, while Aishah gives them their middle name. Aishah picked the name William to honor my father and hubby's brother. It really brought tears to my eyes...I still miss Dad soooo much. There is a lot of him inside me though, I find his navigation skills popping out when I least expect but most need them! I hope I'm half as wise and wonderful as he was when I turn 70! He passed on when he was 72. I'll write someday soon about him.
Enough for now, Joe will be home soon from his first day in summer school at the new school. I'm hoping he had a good day and liked it. I have to get lunch ready for the two of us and prep dinner so it will be easy to cook (then I can go downstairs, and relax in the pool with Joe for a while).

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