Thursday, May 10, 2007 problems...update on "lifestyle change"

I had some problems yesterday and didn't get back on until late evening when my head was on Pokemon Pearl and finding out if I could trade something for Pokerus, a pokemon virus that is actually good.
Yesterday for lunch I had a good size salad with lettuce, 1/2 green pepper, a tomato, sliced onion, tuna (6 oz - probably too much), 1/2 oz feta and four kalamata olives. I put on Newman's light lime vinaigrette...WOW... Try that out if you like lime...very tasty, clean and fresh taste.
For dinner I had two small chicken tenders (dipped in fat free yogurt and breaded with plain bread crumbs that I added spices to) baked, a small salad (same as lunch, no tuna), and 1/2 C petite peas with pearl onions and corn combined.
Today I'm having a cup of yogurt 22o calories, and a mini babybell light 100 calories. I'm taking along another 2 baby bells and two pieces of fruit for two snacks, one while I'm at work and one while waiting for Joe to get out of school in the afternoon. (total 300 calories for snacks and 620 up to afternoon - leaving me tons to play with for dinner as the doctor requested I try for 1800 calories daily). Is that a lot?? Hmmm maybe I'll add something to breakfast - I won't have time for lunch.
Not sure what dinner will be yet.

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