Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Patterns Everywhere

Patterns, patterns everywhere and not a stitch knit or crocheted! I haven't picked up a hook or my needles in a few days. I've been playing games, cooking and cleaning. Well, I did pick them up the other day because someone asked for help with a doily and I looked at it, whipped it out in WW, and by the time I got to where they needed help, they had now I sit here with a ww doily wondering what I will do with it. For now it will stay as is. I have an unfinished mitten hat set, so I may HAVE to rip it out to use, but if not, I'll come up with something.
Anyway, Cast On's February - April 2011 has this baby triangles afghan and sweater pattern that I really HAVE to do. I also ordered the Mary Maxim Reflections Afghan kit today. We've been buzzing about that one at our knitting group. I've already been trying my hand at recreating it, and have come pretty close. Now I get to see how close I was.
Of course there are a thousand and one patterns I see that are just begging me to start on many patterns so little time. I need to go back to pulling projects out of the UFO bag, or they will never get done. To do that I need to finish the little girl hat/mitten combo I'm doing (mitten and finishing the top of the hat to finish) and the bananaberry hat/mitten combo which only needs the hat completed.
Stop blogging and get the mittens and hat done!!


Aishah said...

How big is the doily? A small table cover, or center piece?, pics, pics!

Love ya!

Karen O'Grady said...

It was (emphasis on was) about 10". I had not finished the rest of the doily, but wqorked it to the spot the person had trouble with. I needed the yarn, so I demolished it.