Saturday, February 5, 2011

Almost Back to Normal

January 10th Fred had his operation, a laminectomy and spinal fusion of 3 cervical vertebrae at the Deaconess Hospital in Boston. Dr. Kim told us in the morning it would probably be 3 hours, but it could be 4. He also told us he booked the OR for 5 hours. I was given a business card for the nurse liason in case I had questions and concerns. The rest of the day I spent downstairs in the main waiting room, watching tv, knitting and chatting up the other people who brought friends and relatives in for their operations. After 3 hours I was worrying a bit, after 4 I was somewhat frantic, and I called the nurse liason at 4:30. She told me they were finishing up. The doctor was down around 5 and told me it had been sketchy here and there but the results looked really promising. I waited several more hours to go and see him (sometime after 6). I didn't stay long and once in the car I really felt how long and exhausting the day had been. This past week we went back to the Deaconess for Fred's post-op check up. Dr. Kim said Fred was ahead of schedule as far as his healing. He has feeling and strength back in his hands and feet and has his balance back too. He says he isn't in pain like he was before the operation. Dr. Kim wanted him to come back in 4 weeks to get the collar off and talk about going back to work. Fred pushed and Dr. Kim is allowing him back to work on Monday with restrictions. He still has to keep the collar on his neck another 4 weeks 24/7. My schedule will be almost back to normal with him back at work.
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