Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dry Spell for a Reason. A New Family Member?

Ok, I think I mentioned that I hadn't knit or crocheted lately (except for the now non-existent doily). I mentioned some reasons, and one of them was cleaning. A lot of organizing and cleaning was put off when Fred had his operation and was recuperating at home. Now he's back at work and I have my schedule back.
Today I got to the two boxes I've been meaning to get to since we moved the computer armoire the week of January 10th. One box was household files, and the other was full of office supplies. Then I started in on a box of VHS tapes I bought at a church fair. What am I doing with them? Taking them apart. For the tape. To knit or crochet with. Yes I said I was going to knit or crochet (might do both) with. A long time ago I was on an email list I believe was called "Artfiber". I crocheted a tote bag out of VHS tapes I bought from a mom and pop video store I worked at. It was for a swap. I hope the recipient liked it. I didn't try to keep the tape from twisting. I liked the play of relection and dullness on the tape as it twisted. I'm looking forward to experimenting with this tape. I have more than I'll ever need. I think the problem I have is it is so bulky and that is why I am taking the tape reels out of the cassettes. The first few I tried to unscrew, several weeks ago. For the most part it worked but was frustratingly slow. One of them was so hard to unscrew that I had to have hubby do it! Ok fast forward (pun intended) to tonight. I couldn't find the screwdrivers, thank goodness, so I grabbed a hammer! It is still really hard to get them open, but it gets out a lot of anger and aggression. I've gone through about half of them today and I plan on another half tomorrow.
Tomorrow is also Paris' yearly physical and she is due for her rabies and feline leuk shots. I'd love to go to Salvation Army and get some more saucers for Paris' food.
I have not heard back from the feline rescue I contacted about adopting a second cat. His name is Stetson and from what I hear he is a big boy. He weighed 8lbs at 6 months old. He's black. If I remember correctly he has golden eyes (I didn't see him, I just saw a picture briefly). He is shy and that is why he is considered unadoptable. He is about a year old, and playful but laid back. I think he will be a good match for us. We are good with the unadoptable. Look at Miss Paris. She has come a long way. What a love bug! From a hissing, scratching growling cat to a love bug. From a cat who finally allowed us to pat her a little to a cat who loves to snuggle and gives head bump kisses. She knows the words kiss and love and gives head bumps when you say things like, "give me a kiss", or "who loves me". I think we will be a good match for him.
enough for now...


Aishah said...

Not just one, but two "Maanos"? Saad is never going to want to leave your house!

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