Sunday, May 4, 2014

Michigan Loses The Right To Farm

This is truly scary.  

When I lived at home with my parents we had rabbits, chickens, two horses, two big gardens (well...big for our area), an asparagus bed, two compost piles, two apple trees and two cherry trees - basically a "gentleman's farm".  We had people move in next to us and they tried to complain, but since the animals and gardens were pre-existing, there wasn't a darn thing they could do thank goodness.  Michigan your situation is so much worse.  

What is going on in this world?  Do people not think?  The commercial farmers are poisoning us with all the chemical fertilizers and herbicides, etc..  they use on their crops, and don't get me started on what they feed the animals and how those animals are treated.  Now the government is starting to make it impossible for people to feed their families healthy food that is good for them and that they grow themselves.  

In a country with an ever increasing problem with obesity in children that the government says it is concerned about, does it really make sense to hurt people who want to teach their children where food comes from and how to grow it?  

Mark my words, this will not be the last time we see this kind of legislation.

 Read about it here.

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