Friday, May 2, 2014

Last Minute Packing for Pakistan

Fred is leaving tomorrow night just before midnight for a two week vacation with Eva, our daughter.  

I am excited to have time to myself, excited he is going to travel and fearful something bad might happen.  Keep praying he will arrive back safe and sound, because as annoying as he can be I'd rather have him back.    

I have charged Eva's tablet, and the 3ds game systems for her, Tariq and Saad.  They will all go in Fred's carry on.  

One entire to-be-checked bag has gifts for the relatives, clothes for Saad and Saif, and candy, real American chocolate. She requested Easter candy because she knew it would be on sale right before Fred was visiting.  Smart girl!  Thrifty girl!
Fred has packed the other to-be-checked bag with his suit, his clothes and toiletries.  If there's more room it will be filled up with CANDY!!!  lol  and YARN and THREAD and a strategy guide for the game her system comes with as well as the ACNL guide (animal crossing new leaf for the 3dsxl system).  

I should be in bed, but instead I am checking on last minute things.  I think I am missing something...I hope it isn't something important!!!

Tomorrow morning I need to get over to a game store to see if I can get a few more games to keep them busy and the last minute packing and squeezing will commence.

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