Wednesday, January 19, 2011

prioritized UFO list

  1. Men's gloves (wool alpaca blend)
  2. babyghan for Luke (not sure of which pattern yet - I did the baby tree of life from the Lion Brand website for the first baby).
  3. Reversible 12 x 12 cable scarf in Autumn Red Simply Soft (charity project)
  4. Lavender Red Heart and ladder yarn (ribbon??) knit cowl (charity project)
  5. Ladder yarn (ribbon??) scarf (charity project)
  6. Hexagon baby sweaters (crocheted). Blue and white needs to be seamed and have buttons sewn on. Lilac needs to be finished, seamed and have the buttons sewn on. (charity project)
  7. EZ's square babyghan - needs border (tulip bud forder from the tree of life afghan at the Lion Brand website ) (charity project)
  8. Baby Tuxedo (knit) (charity project)
  9. EZ's Dickey (I'm not sure which one I started, but I'll know when I look at the book) (just because project that will probably be a charity project)
  10. French country babyghan (charity project)
  11. Block the Queen's Crown Motif and make one more motif to experiment with (I'd like to make a bedspread for Joe, my son, out of the Queen's Crown tablecloth, but I don't know whether I want to change it up somehow, or make it and attach it to a backing of some kind).
  12. Spa wash cloths (make several - for moi!)
  13. Block Berka Shell Doily
  14. Knit a bsj out of the wool I originally bought to make it with (just because project)
  15. knit after hours shawl (for moi or??)
  16. Washer/dryer covers (I have two of three strips done for the dryer and I need to make 3 more strips for the washer)
  17. Finish the Ballo Baby Onesie
  18. Crochet the Magical Trapezoid Wrap (Knit and Crochet Show class I took with Joan Davis summer 2010) (for moi!)

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