Thursday, January 20, 2011


These gloves are similar in style to Clara Putzke's "WARM CROCHETED MITTENS For the Whole Family". The pattern is in Workbasket Magazine and I believe it is in Volume 60, issue #1, October/November, 1994. I've made these mittens for years. I changed the pattern a bit because I felt the cuff was too wide. I add in some sl st rows in the cuff as I'm doing it. I'll add that info here later after I make another pair. I've never written down exactly what I do, I just do it. I also make crocheted hats, doing a crocheted rib (sc in blo) which I'll write down and add to the blog another time. If you find any mistakes in this pattern, please let me know. You'll have to adjust to fit yourself, or the person you are making them for. Measure the width of the hand, the wrist and arm below the wrist as well as the height of the hand from the wrist to the bottom of the index finger and the height from the wrist to the top of the thumb where it joins the hand. Then you can add or subtract sts as needed for a proper fit. I'll add my measurements soon.
Make 2. Chain 33
Row 1: Sc in 2nd chain from hook and in next 31 chains. Chain 1 turn.(there will be a total of 32 stitches (sts) in every row except the thumb rows which will have 26 sts).
Row 2: Sl st in next 10 stitches, sc in next 22 sts. Chain 1 turn.
Row 3: Sc in next 16 sts, sl st in next 6 sts, sc in next 10 sts. Chain 1 turn.
Row 4: Sl st in next 16 sts, sc in next 16 sts. Chain 1 turn.
Rows 5 & 7: Repeat Rows 3 and 4 once.
Rows 6,10, 12, and 14: Repeat Row 4.
Row 8: Repeat Row 2.
Row 9: Repeat Row 1:
Rows 11, 13, 15: Repeat Row 3. On Row 13, sl st on first 6 sts and then follow Row 3's instructions (26 total sts). Row 15 will end with 6 less sts then Row 3, but is the same otherwise(26 total sts).
Rows 12 & 14: Repeat Row 4. Row 12 is the last row before the thumb portion. Row 14 will have 6 less sts than row 4 but is the same as Row 4 otherwise(26 total sts).
Rows 16 & 18: Repeat Row 2. At the end of Row 16, top of the thumb hole portion, chain 7.
Row 17: Repeat Row 1, beginning with sc in 2nd chain from the hook and the next 5 sc and THEN following Row 1's instructions. (back to 32 sts).
Rows 19, 21, 23: Repeat Row 3.
Rows 20, 22, 24: Repeat Row 4.
Row 25: Repeat Row 1
Row 26: Repeat Row 2.
Rows 27, 29, 31: Repeat Row 3.
Rows 28, 30, 32: Repeat Row 4.
Leaving a long tail to sew up seam, cut. Sew up seam on opposite side of glove from thumb hole. With another length of yarn, sew up short seam above thumb hole. Weave in all ends.

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Alicia said...

I'd love to see pictures! I'm on a big fingerless glove kick these days. I've done two different patters and would love to try this one! I've got a few other WIPs to finish and then I will give these a try.