Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update - Shaun found!

About a month or so back hubby contacted the Marine Locators and found out Shaun had finished his hitch with them. Just the other day hubby searched on the internet and found that Shaun lives in Lynn. Joe called him and left a message. Shaun called back and they chatted a bit. He let Joe know he wants no contact from me, his father nor from his sister, Eva.
Eva called him today and told him he was an uncle and did he want to see pics and he said no...then he said he had to go. He may have been in work.
I think of him and pray for him everyday. I wish he'd at least come over and tell us this himself. I have a few questions for him. Maybe someday he will.
He's on Facebook and Myspace...I've seen pictures!! At least I have those! He still looks like himself.
If you read this Shaun, there hasn't been a day go by that I haven't thought of you and wondered how you are. Please call sometime. I'd like to talk with you. I always have loved you and will love you forever.

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