Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, I now have two good reasons to start keeping a journal again. I used to journal off and on. I saved them and I was going over them recently to see if I wanted to keep any of them, and to glean any really good information from them.
I found an entry for June 12th, 1985. This was the year Shaun was born, and just before Eva's 2nd birthday. After reporting when Shaun woke up, his fussiness level, how many ounces he took, diaper changes and other assorted boring stuff, I came on this entry,
"Cynthia (Fellows) Young was on Good Day, today around 10:40".
Over the years I've tried to find her, using her maiden name (forgot about the "Young" part though). I'm in contact by email and hopefully soon by phone. She lives in Virginia, so we aren't going out for coffee anytime soon. I've often thought of her over the years and wondered how she was. We both graduated the same high school waaaaay back in 1974. See, journalling is good!!
It also provided another memory - the very next day there's an entry about my daughter,
"Eva has been cooking ice cream and pudding on her "stove" and baked macaroni and cheese in her "oven" today. "
She'd been "pretend" cooking in my oven, and I was afraid she might try it when the oven was in use, so I let her use a small slatted table my father made for me. It has a slotted top and shelf near the bottom, and yes, I still have it. It's a little wiggly from all the use over the years. She'd use the top as her stove and the bottom shelf as her oven.
Yet another reason to journal!!!

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Aishah said...

How many memories do you suppose we have about that table? I am sure we all have different memories.

That is a really cool thing to know, and another reason to love that table

Keep up the blogging Ma,
love, me