Thursday, January 7, 2010

I love it!!

I was just trying to do a quick check on my email, clear out some of my folders and my inbox. Something caught my eye, and yes I succumbed to the lure of surfing the internet. At that website my eye caught something else...and I clicked...I have no idea how many eye catching moments and clicks I did, but I found two great sites for wasting time. Look under blogs I'm following. Here's an example from one:
Which I have to post later...cause I can't figure out why I can't post it now...sigh...go check out the demotivational posters and take a gander...keep clicking the next page when you get to the bottom...well worth a look.

My daughter has been bugging me to update my blog...I'm going to go eat my lunch now and come back later to update some more...let's see how soon she notices!!! Hehehe


Bo... said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I did answer your comment and tell the "stories" of certain pieces of the bag. It brings a whole new perspective. And also, I love the pictures of the baby and family!

River Glorious said...

Just paste the link and click on the link icon and it will automatically create a hyperlink. Well, in a perfect world that is what will happen.