Thursday, May 22, 2014

Container Gardening on an Apartment Balcony

I am slowly getting my container garden going this year.  A little here, a little there.  Since I live in an apartment and only have access to plant on my balcony, I have to use containers.  I'm hoping we get some food out of it, but even if we don't, I've been happier and been in less pain in certain ways.  Of course gardening, even the slow and easy way I garden, can cause pains in other places.  I think of that as good pain.

Today I planted all my peppers, Italian sweet peppers and hot cherry peppers.

There is one I am worried about, it looks like it is rotting near the base, but I planted it anyway just in case.  I put a chopstick in the ground near it and used an old bit of vine to wrap around it and secure it to the chopstick.  It will probably die, but I can't help but try.  I don't give up easily. I wonder if I should plant it deeper so the first node is under the ground?

I've watered them, but because the soil was so dry when I planted them, I'll go out again later and water them more.

If I have the energy I will go out later and put in the rest of the lettuce and I'll stick in the marigolds here and there.  I'm hoping they will help reduce the naughty bugs.  Really! Have you EVER seen bugs chewing up a marigold??  I haven't.  Let's hope it works, although I don't think that many insects think of looking this high for food.

I still have a lot of pansies to plant, not sure where they will go, but I will find a place!  No plant goes to waste here!